Children’s Program

Since we first started, Casa Xalteva has been much more than just a Spanish school. We currently have 27 children or “chavalos”  in our program, all of which who are brilliant and on the right path.

We work with children and teens in situations of risk and vulnerability. The primary goal of the program is prevention, so that these kids are able to break away from cycles of poverty and violence and generate positive changes in their own lives and of their community.   

What we provide

Casa Xalteva provides two meals a day, a safe and happy environment, scholarships for the best possible education at all levels (primary, secondary and university), homework support to make sure they are getting the best grades possible, all learning materials (pens, books, uniforms, shoes, backpacks etc), English lessons, vocational training skills, excursions and other special activities which take place at the end of every month and during the school vacations and a place to be loved, respected and listened to.

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De la iglesia la Merced, 3 cuadras al sur y 1/2 cuadra al oeste
Granada, Granada, Nicaragua
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