Spanish Immersion Program

As a social enterprise, our local children’s program is completely funded by our Spanish Immersion Program and donations. Our Spanish Immersion Program consists of Spanish classes, home stay and explorative excursions with our tour guide, Andres. You can experience all aspects of our immersion experience or just one. But just know,  when you come to learn and live with us you support the educational, social and communal growth of Nicaragua’s youth and their families.

Spanish Lessons

We offer two different types of classes, group classes and private classes. Group classes cost USD$160 and private classes cost USD$200 per week, per person. This includes 4 hours of class time per day, for 5 days a week Mon-Fri, which totals 20 hours of contact time. If you study for four weeks or more, there is a discount for the small group classes. Group classes normally take place in the mornings, between 8am and 12pm, and private classes are usually in the afternoon, between 1 and 5pm.

Each one of our teachers uses a different methodology based on the needs of the student. Some classes focus mainly on conversation and even include special trips to market places, transport hubs and coffee shops to put the language into a practical use. Other classes tend to focus more on grammar and giving the student a strong ‘back-bone’ in spanish. Each teacher works with their students to ensure the best possible methodology is used for the interests and needs of that person


We also offer our highly recommended Homestay program, where you will stay with one of our local families who are dedicated to sharing their homes, language and culture. The family will provide a private room, fan, and three Nicaragüense meals everyday. The cost of our Homestay program is $110 per week (seven nights), all of which is directly paid to the family in USD at the beginning of each week. If you stay more or less than the full week, then the cost is prorated at $16/night.  


In addition to the classes, we also offer you the chance to explore a bit more of this beautiful country.

Excursions include:
Las Islestas
Laguna de Apoyo
Mercado Masaya y Los Pueblos Blancos
Masaya Volcano-Night Tour

Mombacho Volcano
Aguas Agrias
Verbenas de Masaya
Tour de Granada

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De la iglesia la Merced, 3 cuadras al sur y 1/2 cuadra al oeste
Granada, Granada, Nicaragua
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