Casa Xalteva operates as a non-profit, social business and not as a charity. We are not reliant on donations in order to exist and provide our services to children. Our aim is that 100% of our operations be sustainable on the income generated as a Spanish school. This allows us to fulfill our duties to the community in the most sustainable way possible, without being dependent on donations. The services we provide enable us to generate income, thereby fulfilling our mission to improve the lives of at-risk Nicaraguan youth.

In short, we are a family united by education, growth and community and we just so happen to be the premier Spanish language school for visitors, backpackers, universities and expats alike in Nicaragua.


Casa Xalteva was created in November 1995 by two professors from the University of New Mexico, Ken Carpenter and Greg Calvert, to improve the lives of at-risk Nicaraguan children. Originally, Casa Xalteva functioned as a residential shelter for boys living on the streets.  The kids lived here in this house and took part in Casa Xalteva’s programs. Our program has shifted and grown into a before and after school prevention program for youth and young adults in situations of risk and vulnerability, but have some kind of home and family structure. Olma and Juan Carlos (pictured left) are two of our current staff members who have been here since the beginning. And Andres, now our tour guide, was one of the first kids to graduate from our program. Our roots run deep and are still in tact.


  • Romel
    Romel Accountant
  • Larry
    Larry Children's Program Co-Director
  • Gabriela
    Gabriela Professor
  • Karla
    Karla Professor
  • Olma
    Olma Children's Program Co-Director
  • Andres
    Andres Tour Guide
  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos Director
  • Maria
    Maria Professor
  • Sergio
    Sergio Professor
  • Julio
    Julio Professor
  • Gerald
    Gerald Professor / Public Relations Officer
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De la iglesia la Merced, 3 cuadras al sur y 1/2 cuadra al oeste
Granada, Granada, Nicaragua
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