Thank you very much for your interest in volunteering with Casa Xalteva’s “Chavalos” Program. We are always looking for ways to enhance our Children’s Program as well as our Spanish Immersion experience. Many of our students chose to combine Spanish and classes and volunteering as part of their stay with us. Students who have some proficiency in Spanish may volunteer with our children’s program. Those confident with their Spanish will be able help the kids with their homework and/or design activities and workshops reflecting their own skills and experiences.

You have the option of volunteering from 8am-12pm with our primary school students  (one group of 10 children) or from 1pm-5pm  with secondary school group (two groups of 8 children; group (group 1) 11 – 13 years old,  (group 2)  13 – 18 years old. 

We love when our volunteers bring new and unique layers to the program.

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If you wish to volunteer, send us an email. Please include in your message when you plan on volunteering as well as which age group you would like to volunteer with. Most importantly, be sure to tell us what activities you wish to do.

505 2552 6102


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